How To Book Lime Cordiale For A Private, Personalised Performance

Ever wanted a private and personalised show from Lime Cordiale? What about WAAX, Slowly Slowly, or Kim Churchill? Well, do we have the goods for you.

A new platform called Serenade is allowing artists to advertise their musical services for hire. Kind of like the Airtasker of music or a Cameo designed for musicians, Serenade gives you the ability to book and pay for an artist to send you a recording in return.

You’ll pick a song off of their catalogue and you’ll have the option of receiving a personalised message alongside it.

The platform allows the artists to set their own rates. So, a Lime Cordiale performance will cost you a casual $1k, Slowly Slowly $300, and WAAX $350.

Good news though, it does have Afterpay for those ~deal with it later~ types.

Lime Cordiale had a chat with triple j about the new gig.

“We get a lot of requests from people asking to play birthdays or formals and it’s just not something that we can realistically make work,” they told triple j.

“Creating a performance from our own home that’s legitimately for the people we’ve made it for (and not going to get shared all over the internet) is pretty special and something that people seem to be wanting and needing.”

The platform also has a monthly feature: Serenade Patron Artist. It sees the band that you book a performance from throw in a bonus performance from one of their three support acts.

The bands hand-pick their support acts. So, Lime Cordiale’s are Dulcie, Teenage Dads, and Ivey.

You can explore more of the bands on Serenade here.

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