How To Shut Up Your Noisy “Good Time Neighbours”, The Australian Way

We’ve all either been victims of, or perhaps even perpetrators of, late night un-neighbourly loud music. The kind that, when muffled through walls, only acts as a very annoying sleep deterrent. If this sounds like a familiar event and you’d like to find a way to communicate your displeasure in letter form, you might learn something from this verbally-gifted resident.

Found in a residential elevator, according to Reddit, the letter in question is addressed to the resident’s “Good-time Neighbours”. reports the author is a man from Sydney.

Apparently, the intended recipients of the message know who they are, after apparently playing “Daft Punk’s delightful 2013 anthem Lose Yourself to Dance at 5:17am this morning, windows wide open.”

“As I was awakened by Pharrell Williams’ dulcet tones, Nile Rodgers’ signature rhythm guitar and the on-point (although highly derivative) production of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, I was torn,” writes the letter’s author.

“On the one hand, I thought to myself, ‘Maybe we’re about to be taken on [a] journey through Daft Punk’s back catalogue in reverse chronological order? Will Around the World be up next? Will we trip the light fantastic past Da Funk and round it out with Rollin’ and Scratchin?”

“On the other hand,” continues the musically-informed apartment dweller, “I thought to myself, ‘Maybe these inconsiderate assholes could display the modicum of consideration for their neighbours, recognise that most of the building is asleep at this time, lay off the pingers and shut their fucking windows.’”

To make sure the “Good-time Neighbours” could follow the slang in that last sentence, the considerate author included a footnote, linking them to the Urban Dictionary definition of “pingers”.

“By all means kick on till your hearts’ content. But please do so with your windows closed and the music set at a volume that is not going to wake the rest of the building. Warmest personal regards, Your fellow neighbours,” it concludes.

Ahh, civility in its most hilarious, most Australian form. Read the entire letter below.

Image via Reddit

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