Hutchence Film Set To Cause Stand-off?

Earlier this year, it emerged that a film based around the life of the late Australian rock singer Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997, was on the cards. Now, it appears the possible movie may be causing some friction between the INXS singer’s estate and members of his family.

The Music Network reports that the film has been picked up by UK production company Amazing Industries, with the title of the movie set to be XS: The Story Of Michael Hutchence. The film is to be based on the 2000 book about his life written by Hutchence’s sister Tina and his mother Patricia Glassop.

The project is to be directed by Asa Bailey, who is reportedly in the process of putting together his team of screenwriters, production crew, casting directors and one would assume, cast. However, an immediate problem has arisen with American agency APA, who still handle the singer’s intellectual property for Michael’s Trust. APA have told Amazing Industries that the film has not been “approved or endorsed” by them.

Back in February the film was floated as just one part of a process that would also see a Broadway musical about Hutchence, as well as a documentary. At the forefront of all these things is Hutchence’s former manager Martha Troup, who signed a deal with APA shortly after the singer’s death to “develop projects that highlight Michael’s genius.”

She had told the media earlier in the year that plans for the documentary were progressing, even though the rest of INXS had not given permission for their music to be used.

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