I Killed The Prom Queen’s Michael Crafter Issues First Statement Since UNIFY Removal

Ex-singer of I Killed The Prom Queen, Michael Crafter, has issued another apology and his first statement since the band, who Crafter was scheduled to perform with, was pulled from UNIFY Gathering‘s 2019 lineup following some sexist comments Crafter made on social media in the past.

In the lengthy statement posted to Facebook, he addresses his role as a moderator on a website, Broken Glass Online, which was a forum that Crafter says “started as something FOR the music scene (but) ended up being a toxic mess of bullying, nudity and online shaming.”

“Ikptq was removed from the festival for my past comments and I think being held to better standards is a good thing,” Crafter wrote.

“What I was apart (sic) of is indefensible and I don’t want BGO to create more drama for people in 2018,” he said further in the statement.

“If this online forum affected you I sincerely apologise for the forum even existing and wish it actually never did. We need to all be held to better standards, accept our past mistakes and apologise for this. It’s not hard to be better to each other and say sorry if you’ve been a flat out asshole, bully or know your (sic) said some really shitty things.”

This statement comes after he made an initial apology, following the backlash UNIFY received for booking the band that was centred around other comments Crafter had made on social media.

Read Crafter’s full statement below.

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