Idris Elba And Lime Cordiale Release New Single ‘What’s Not To Like’

Actor and DJ Idris Elba and Sydney indie pop duo Lime Cordiale have shared their second collaborative single, ‘What’s Not to Like’.

‘What’s Not To Like’ and its predecessor, ‘Apple Crumble’, will feature on the mini album Cordi Elba, due out on Friday, 14th January via Chugg Music and 7Wallace Music.

‘What’s Not to Like’ moves at a faster tempo than ‘Apple Crumble’, sounding a bit like The Strokes with Baxter Dury on vocals. It also shows off Elba’s singing voice.

“They encouraged me to put vocals down, I didn’t expect to be singing,” said Elba. “I come from a DJ background, have always rapped, but never considered myself a singer.”

Elba said ‘What’s Not To Like’  is “a song about finding who you really are and not chasing who you think people want you to be.”

The unlikely partnership between Elba and Lime Cordiale came together in March of this year after LC’s Oli and Louis Leimbach asked Elba to feature on a new version of their 2020 single ‘Unnecessary Things’. Elba was in Sydney filming the Marvel film, Thor: Love And Thunder, which led to an introduction.

“We invited him into the studio to feature on a track. One track has now turned into many and we’ve got an exciting project in the works,” Oli said at the time.

Lime Cordiale’s long-time studio accomplice, David K Haddad, produced the upcoming mini album. The Leimbachs describe it as a genuine instance of cross-pollination. “We wrote everything together,” said Oli. “We were all writing lyrics – it wasn’t our music or his music, it was smack bang down the middle with every lyric.”


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