Illy & G Flip Team Up On New Single ‘Loose Ends’

Absolute dream team, Illy and G Flip have teamed up today to give us ‘Loose Ends’. It’s as good as you’d expect the Aussie icon collab to be, an anthemic AF, catchy AF new single that’s packed full of energy.

“‘Loose Ends’ is about growing up, loss, and accepting that things don’t always go how they do in movies,” says Illy.

“It’s kind of a love song about a time that’s gone and you can’t go back to.” He continues “The line ‘you can never go home’ is saying ‘home’ is a memory, and even if you went back to the physical place now, it’ll never be what it was. Because life moves on.”

The track was originally written by Illy alongside his long-time producer Cam Bluff last year in Darwin. He then hit up G Flip to add some of her pzazz. “I’m a huge fan of G Flip, and her vocals gave the track extra feeling, now I can’t imagine it without her.”

‘Loose Ends’ is Illy’s second 2020 single, following up ‘Last Laugh’. He’s currently putting the finishing touches on his sixth studio album.

Have a listen to ‘Loose Ends’ below.

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