Incubus’ New Album Features A Collaboration With Skrillex

Well it looks like 2017 is the year that Skrillex is really starting to get back to his instrumental roots, with news emerging that Sonny Moore has collaborated with Incubus on their forthcoming album.

We’ve already heard the first song from Moore’s reunion with his old emo band From First To Last, and now it appears certain that he’s working on new instrumental music with veteran Californian rockers Incubus.

The music director from US radio station KROQ Lisa Worden let the news slip an interview with that she had heard some of the tracks from the forthcoming record, including the one Skrillex features on.

“Sonny did have a hand in a song,” she said. “I may or may not have heard something… Okay, it’s fricking fantastic!”

For anyone that’s been following Incubus guitarist Michael Eiziger on Twitter the news may not come as that much of a surprise, with Eiziger tweeting a cheeky teasing photo of himself with Skrillex last month.

Incubus are yet to announce the release date for their forthcoming album, but it’s expected to be released later in 2017.

Watch: Incubus – ‘Drive’

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