The Internet Thinks Taylor Swift Is Dropping A Surprise Album This Month & Here’s Why

The internet is convinced that Taylor Swift has been leaving easter eggs left right and centre teasing the release of her long awaited sixth studio album.

The reason being: Swift’s usual motif is to drop an album every two years, so now that we approach the 2nd birthday of glorious album #5, 1989, fans are sniffing high and low for any whiff of a new LP and – considering the high probability of Swift chucking a Beyonce – no Blank Space has been left unexplored.

So, why do some people think T-Swizzle is dropping a surprise album? Take a deep breath in aaaand here we go…


Tay Tay has announced a grand total of one show for the year. That being a performance at a Formula 1 event in Texas. Now, the internet seems fairly convinced that she won’t be playing her 1989 jams because why would she book a one-off performance to plug an album that’s been out for two years now?

Which means either a ‘greatest hits’ setlist is on the cards, or else something entirely more strategic. Such as – say – the live debut of music from a new LP.

We also know that T-Unit’s been working on new music in Nashville, largely thanks to some fan photos and also her BFF Gigi Hadid literally saying that Swift was writing new material.

Next, some rogue unit on Instagram began telling people that the album will be out in October, and to put the issue to rest, fans approached the boss of Swift’s label, LittleBigMachine, Scott Borchetta, who didn’t mince words when shutting down the October release date, responding “NOPE.”

Innocent enough….UNTIL HE DELETED IT MOMENTS LATER. The plot is indeed thickening by this point.

Now here’s where things get strange. Fellow country singer Kelsea Ballerini posted to snapchat a video of a song snippet that sounded ridiculously like Swift. To add even more fuel, it bore the hashtag #TS6.

But as it turns out, it was Ballerini and no on really knows why she included the #TS6. That remains a real puzzler.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post have gone hell for leather, going as far as to suggest Swift will drop the album the day after her scheduled Formula 1 performance, which coincides with her well-documented obsession with the number 13. Not to mention October 24th of this year will mark the TEN YEAR anniversary of her debut album’s release. Coincidence?

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 5.35.06 pm

And, so, we may be no closer to working it out BUT, at least you’re clued in now.

As you were.

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