Iron Maiden’s Illustrator Has Designed New Merch For Zayn Malik

The seemingly worlds apart genres of metal and pop may have taken a step closer together with one another after Zayn Malik announced that part of his new line of merchandise will feature a design by reputable heavy metal illustrator Mark Wilkinson. On the other hand, the move might just provide further fuel to the outrage.

Wilkinson, who has worked with bands including Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Fish has created a graphical representation of Malik for one of the t-shirts in the line; featuring Zayn holding a flag with a Z on it.

The announcement is at odds with the conflict that metal, punk and rock fans have found themselves at the centre of recently, after many voiced their discontent at Justin Bieber wearing Nirvana and Metallica t-shirts – and at Kim Kardashian for sporting a jacket featuring the logo of Japanese punk band Disclose. Slayer guitarist Gary Holt was even spotted wearing a ‘Kill The Kardashians’ shirt after he took personal offense at Kendal Jenner wearing a Slayer t-shirt.

Malik is far from the first pop star to create merch with links to the metal scene; though this attempt seems a hell of a lot more genuine than Justin Bieber’s (mispelt) Purpose tour merch.

“Working with Mark gave me a license to do something exciting conceptually with a lot of colour and detail,” Malik revealed to Vogue. “The art we created gives a nod to the vintage rock-band T-shirts but with my own concept.”

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