Is This The First Look At Soundwave 2015’s Theme?

A new initiative by the Adelaide Council may have given fans their first peek at the theme for Soundwave 2015. Soundwave is among the topics listed on the council’s ‘Your Say Adelaide’ forum, whose page features a previously unseen logo resembling the classic Superman title font.


Back in May, Twitter user Sophie Rose suggested to Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah that he use a “comic theme” for Soundwave 2015’s artwork. “Oh my god. I would lose my shit if we did a comic book theme! YES! You are so ny [sic] guest at SW next year!” Maddah enthusiastically replied.

“I already have the full artwork in my head!” Maddah added. Rose’s suggestion was the most excited fans had seen him get about a theme this year, though he later tweeted admiringly about some of the artwork used in several of the fake Soundwave 2015 lineup posters that have circulated.

Earlier this month, another Twitter follower asked Maddah how he chooses the themes for Soundwave. “Normally I just come up with it,” Maddah replied, “but this year someone on Twitter suggested a better theme than I had!” suggesting that he did indeed go with the “comic” theme.

The image has been uploaded to the Adelaide City Council’s official site under the title ‘SW15_Logo_FINAL-page-001.jpg’, which further suggests that this logo, which was previously unused on any media related to Soundwave 2015, could be the one that will adorn the 2015 artwork.

It’s important to note, however, that last month organisers unveiled a different set of artwork that could be related to an entirely different theme for Soundwave 2015. When announcing that Soundwave 2015 would be a two-day event, organisers updated their official Facebook page with a new cover image that featured dates and a logo rendered in nondescript white and yellow font.

Maddah did not respond to Music Feeds‘ request for comment in time for publication. However, the promoter did urge fans to visit the Adelaide City Council’s ‘Your Say Adelaide’ page, writing, “ACC is trying to get rid of #SW15 Please go to this link & show your support in a respectful manner.”

The promoter recently offered a timeframe for when fans can expect Soundwave 2015 tickets to go on sale. “My guess is around Aug 20 give or take a few days,” he wrote. The lineup is expected to be announced early next month. Head over to our Lineup Rumours And Info page for more details.

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