Isol-Aid Announces Special ‘Lunch Without Borders’ International Lineup

For a few of the past weekends, Isol-Aid Festival has been taking over our Instagram feeds showcasing a bunch of Australian acts playing intimate live sets from the confines of their own homes. Now, they’ve announced a special lineup for this week with a stack of international acts.

The international acts include boygenius’ Julien Baker, Icelandic crooner Asgeir, lead singer of Reykjavik’s Of Monsters & Men, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, British producer Shura and New York-based duo Overcoats.

But they won’t be holding the fort down by themselves. A few local legends will be joining them, such as Gordi, George Alice and Katie Dey.

The livestream will kick off at 11:30am AEST on Wednesday, 8th April and will see each act play a 15-minute set live on their own Instagram profiles.

Importantly, viewers are encouraged to donate to Support Act, a foundation that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of musicians and others in the music industry. Find out more about that here.

Check out the full lineup below.

Isol-Aid Lunch Without Borders Lineup



Julien Baker

Katie Dey

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (from Of Monsters And Men)



George Alice


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