Israel Just Delayed A Leadership Election Because Of A Britney Spears Concert

Oops, she’s done it again.

An upcoming Britney Spears concert in Tel Aviv has led Israel’s Labor Party to reschedule its leadership vote for another time, but it’s not because they’re worried about people heading to the show instead of turning up to vote.

As Haaretz reports, the Labor Party has moved its leadership vote to the day after Spears’ concert on 3rd July because both events were scheduled to take place on the same day at adjacent venues in Tel Aviv.

The Labor Party would reportedly be facing a shortage of stewards and security guards for its vote if it didn’t change the date, because many of them will be working at the Spears concert.

Well, we can tell you where we’d rather be…

britney spears oops gif

Spears released her latest album Glory in August 2016, but is yet to bring her new material to Australia. A TV biopic based on the singer’s life is also in the works.

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