Jack Black Has Reunited With ‘School Of Rock’ Cast At Tenacious D Gigs

Here’s a serious whack of nostalgia for you – Jack Black has been reuniting with select cast members of his 2003 classic School Of Rock at Tenacious D concerts in America.

TMZ reports that when Black’s band took to Chicago on Tuesday, Kevin Clark, who played Freddy in the hit film, got word and attended the show with full backstage access. Clark is actually a professional musician himself now, drumming for a band called Dreadwolf. Seems fitting as Freddy was the drummer in the film.

Clark wasn’t the only School of Rock student in attendance. Rebecca Brown, who played the soft-spoken bassist Katie in the film, attended the band’s Wednesday show to get some pics with her on-screen teacher Dewey Finn.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Tenacious D, having dropped their new animated feature film Post-Apocalypto earlier this week.

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