Jack Black “Who Since Nirvana Has Been As Big As Nirvana?”

We all seem to be complaining about the serious lack of movement-inspiring, socially conscious artists who give a voice to our generation to unite and stand against our oppressors…and celebrity rocker / actor (in that order) Jack Black is no different, though he’s trying to do something about it.

In a chat featured on the new episode of Rolling Stones ‘Off The Cut’, Black expresses how the track Rock Is Dead off Tenacious D‘s latest album ‘Rize Of The Fenix’ directly articulates his frustration.

In the interview, Black comes out swinging, clearly deeply concerned with the issue:”When you think about rock at its origin, and you think of the Beatles and millions of kids screaming as loud as they can and running as fast as they can towards the Beatles, there’s no one who is that kind of lightning rod, who commands that kind of power and has that kind of creative magma”.

Black continues to discuss grunge idols Nirvana who championed the grunge movement, exposing a different perspective on life that inspired millions: “I contend that the last band to really have that kind of power, I’m gonna say, was Nirvana…Who since Nirvana has been as big as Nirvana, in that way?”.

He isn’t, however, a one note kinda guy, confessing he listens to more modern music, including his ‘counterpart’ Jack White, Jack White’s ‘archnemisis’ The Black Keys, as well as the Foo Fighters, though admittedly, Black states that “It does get thin after that”. 

We will be sure to keep an eye out for all the hilarity that ensues with the impending release of Rize of the Fenix. The latest album from the hilarious duo that makes Tenacious D will be dropped May 15 and promises to be another engaging, comical and brilliant addition to their catalogue, which as we all well know, rose them to international fame with the ultimate piss take of a song Tribute — a song about the greatest song in the world.

Rize of the Fenix is available for stream right here.

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