Jack White Directed This Very Jack White T-Shirt Commercial For Some Reason

Jack White is a man of many talents, including, for some reason, directing short films about t-shirts.

White has masterminded a pretty whimsical commercial for some “pocket t-shirts” which his record label Third Man Records are soon to be releasing. His five-minute short film advertising that fact is called David James Swanson: A Life, A Dream, A Pocket on a Shirt, which is just as Jack White as you’d expect the title of a Jack White short film to be.

The story of David James Swanson (who fronts the band Whirlwind Heat) sees White detail Swanson’s attempts to make the perfect t-shirt with the perfect pocket.

White’s short film (below) captures Swanson’s tale of despair with just a hint of that Jack White anti-corporate vibe, paired with just the right amount of cheek and colour so that you know White’s not taking himself too seriously.

With Swanson’s years of t-shirt-related struggles behind him, white, black and grey shirts will soon be available to purchase, featuring a “special cardboard cocktail pocket insert” with Swanson’s “pocket T mission statement” on the reverse side. The three coloured shirts will be available via the Third Man Records website and store on 12th September.

Until, bask in Jack White’s t-shirt short film talents, below.

Watch: David James Swanson: A Life, A Dream, A Pocket on a Shirt (By Jack White)

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