Image for Jack White: “The Internet is a Nuisance”

Jack White: “The Internet is a Nuisance”

Written by Daniel Clarke on April 13, 2010

Apparently Jack White isn’t a big fan of the Internet. It’s well known that the prolific musician prefers to use analogue recording equipment in the studio, but now he’s spoken out against the online realm as a means of disseminating music, maintaining that it is damaging to the music industry.

“In my head I’m still living and working as if there is no Internet, and treat it as a nuisance and use it for whatever is good about it that we can scrape together after the fact” he told NME recently.

“The Internet is a beautiful tool for many, many things, but is in direct opposition to the art of music being treated with respect, and delivered to the majority in a tangible way. As every day passes music is more and more looked at as a soundbite and a trifle.”

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