James Domeyko & Laurenz Pike Play Together Wednesday August 31st

With the former having recently released his debut solo EP, entitled Orfeo, and the latter having just put the finishing touches on a yet-to-be released collaborative album with legendary Australian pianist Mike Nock, James Domeyko and Laurenz Pike will be playing solo shows together this Wednesday August 31st at Low Bar, as well as presenting a very special collaborative performance at the end of the night, as part of Seagreen Talks, Low Bar’s weekly music and interview series run by local music figure Seagreen Clarence.

Pike, better known for his work with PVT and Triosk, not to mention his extensive work in the jazz scene and work on Jack Ladder‘s last album Hurtsville, is a veteran of Sydney’s music scene. Having served as president of Jazzgroove, as well as having collaborated with countless musicians, including Melbourne’s Qua, Laurenz has earned himself a reputation as a fiercely involving solo performer, his drum solos described by contemporary and fellow Jack Ladder collaborator Kirin J Callinan as ‘creating new worlds.’

Domeyko, by contrast, is a rather recent addition to the local scene, having made a name for himself over the past two years playing as part of local trio Domeyko/Gonzalez, alongside producer Jaie Gonzalez and Decoder Ring drummer Jasper Fenton, as well as other projects. Boldly cinematic in atmosphere and highly evocative in its use of tension and release, James’ solo work sits aside from his work with other bands, and see’s the composer attempt to go where no one else can follow him, using nothing more than a piano and a delay pedal … so far.

Regardless of their difference in vintage, the two men both share a common musical language, a sort of stuttering yet fluid drawl, rooted in classical training but fueled by innovation, improvisation and a general disregard for convention in so far as it disagrees with their expression. While hugely individual themselves, there is a kind of kindred spirit between their styles, and this show promises to show the first, of what will hopefully be many, exchanges between them.

James Domeyko and Laurenz Pike will co-headline Low Bar this Wednesday as part of Seagreen Talks. For more information visit the event page here.

Photo by Mclean Stephenson

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