James Hetfield Reckons Justin Bieber Wearing A Metallica Shirt Was One Of The “Top Things Of 2015”

James Hetfield has officially sanctioned the wearing of a Metallica Damage Inc. shirt by one Justin Drew Bieber, naming it in an impromptu list of his “Top 10 Thingz Of 2015”.

Bieber even donned the ensemble (a relic of the thrash legends’ 1986 world tour, at which time the popstar was not yet even a skidmark on the underpants of existence) during his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show earlier this year.

Needless to say, Metallica purists were left feeling some St. Anger round their necks:

And so on.

But now, either Hetfield is the Master Of Trolls or else he genuinely dug The Biebs’ Metallica fashion statement, naming it in his Top 10 list alongside other personal highlights of 2015, such as seeing his kids grow, getting what he calls the “best” guitar sound for Metallica’s new album, meeting Robert Plant, hearing the new Baroness album, Pepper Keenan rejoining Corrosion of Conformity – oh – and still being alive.

It’s worth noting that Metallica are self-confessed Beliebers, and that Bieber himself actually seems to be a legit Metallica fan.

Check out Papa Hetfield’s list and decide for yourself, via Blabbermouth, below:

hetfield list



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