James Iha Says ‘Never Say Never’ on Smashing Pumpkins Reunion

Former Smashing Pumpkins’ guitarist James Iha told the Chicago Sun Times that a reformation of the band’s original 90’s lineup is not necessarily an impossibility. As noted by Loudwire, the relationship between Iha and Pumpkins’ sole remaining original member Billy Corgan hasn’t been the best since the band broke up in 2000.

Even though Iha admitted to the Chicago Sun Times that it has been “eight or nine years” since he and Corgan spoke, he would never rule out the possibility of a reunion.

“Never say never, but as I said, we haven’t talked in a really long time. I haven’t heard the new [Pumpkins] record,” Iha told the Chicago Sun Times.

Earlier in the year Iha released his second solo record Look to the Sky. His first solo effort Let It Come Down came out in 1998. When asked by the Chicago Sun Times why it took 14 years between solo records, Iha explained that not being signed to a label meant he was able to take his time and move away from songwriting for awhile.

“After the Pumpkins broke up, I got into the other side of this, producing and writing and starting my studio, and the record label. I did a lot of other things for a while, and it wasn’t until three or four years ago that I started getting inspired to do my own thing again. When you’re not signed and don’t have a manager constantly asking for a record, I took my time.”

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