James Mercer Is Well Pissed At A Major Retail Store For Ripping Off Shins Merch

The Shins have laid a social media smackdown on retail giant The Gap for allegedly selling their merch on the dodge.

The band claims that the clothing megastore – which is based in the US but has a handful of stores here in Australia – has been selling Shins branded tees without the band’s permission.

And they’re well pissed.


After finding out about the whole thing, The Shins posted a picture of one of the sham shirts (in the delightful shade of ‘bogus blue’?) on their official Insty, emblazoned with massive text that reads: “I DID NOT APPROVE THIS SHIT”.

The post came from frontman James Mercer himself, who added in the description: “The Gap is selling a ‘The Shins’ t-shirt that I never approved. If you want a proper rock T you can go to That would be awesome!’

Perhaps the clothing giant was too busy rolling around in its lofty mountains of cashish (Scrooge McDuck styles) to seek the rights to use The Shins’ logo on their shit.

At any rate, shoppers can be forgiven for assuming that the merch was true sauce and made in collaboration with the band.

The whole thing kind of makes you wonder whether all those discount Stones, KISS and Gunners tees that you see floating round K-Mart and Big Dub these days are actually legit?

You’d have to imagine so, though.

Gene Simmons would be all over that shit.

Check out The Shins’ angry Insty post below.

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