Jared Leto Is Suing TMZ For Leaking The Video Of Him Criticising Taylor Swift

Thirty Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto is really unhappy about that leaked tape that showed him throwing shade Taylor Swift, so much so that he’s suing TMZ, the US gossip website that published the video.

According to Leto, TMZ were warned that the tape was “stolen goods” but they still chose to publish it anyway. The tape showed Leto listening to Swift’s latest album 1989 and for the most part praising it until the end when he says, “I mean, fuck her,” he says. “I don’t give a fuck about her.”

“I have chosen to file this lawsuit not because I want to, but in hopes it will encourage more people to stop trafficking in stolen goods, to follow proper legal procedure and so that it may motivate additional consideration for the harm these acts can create, especially when the only intention is to simply further the bottom line for the companies and corporations that commit these acts,” said Leto in a statement.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, he’s filed the complaint in the California federal court, saying that the footage was filmed at his house on 8th September by a videographer hired by him. The footage was then given to TMZ by the videographer for a promised fee of $2,000.

The lawsuit states that TMZ asked the videographer to sign a document stating that he had the legal right to deliver the footage. He allegedly refused to sign it but TMZ published it anyway. According to the suit, within 15 minutes of the gossip site posting the video, the videographer urged them to take it down saying, “Do not post the footage. I do not own it. I do not have permission.”

Leto himself said that his team had learned that TMZ planned to publish “the private video footage” last Sunday and immediately alerted them that Leto owned the footage and that they had “no right to sell it.”

“It was both legally and morally wrong,” Leto wrote.

Leto has since apologised to Swift but she hasn’t responded. Probably because she’s too busy playing stadiums in Australia.

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