That Jay-Z & Solange Elevator Fight Gets The Family Guy Treatment

Although Family Guy is surely past its prime as a television series; the show and its creator Seth MacFarlane are known for a ‘nothing is sacred’ approach and now the show has made light of the infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Solange Knowles.

The incident was more than two years ago, so for anyone who needs a refresher; basically Solange went ham on Jay Z‘s ass before a body guard pulled her away, all the while Beyonce watched on in the corner.

On Sunday’s episode of Family Guy ‘Bookie Of The Year,’ Peter is talking to Louis before he flashes back to a re-imagined version of the fight where he was in the elevator with Solange, Jay-Z, Beyonce and the body guard.

‘Hey don’t kick him, muddy shoes, he’s got a white suit on!’ Peter says to Solange.

The timing of the gag is actually pretty good, with Solange releasing her new album A Seat At The Table just last week.

Watch: Family Guy – Jay Z & Solange Elevator Fight


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