Jay-Z Spent More Money On Drinks Over The Weekend Than You May Do In Your Entire Lifetime

It’s likely that Jay-Z is nursing a pretty epic hangover after dropping some huge coin on drinks over the weekend.

The rapper and label boss had a big night out in Manhattan over the weekend dropping thousands across a number of venues.

As Page Six reports, Jay dropped $110,000 USD ($138,000) at a club celebrating the birthday of his friend and president of Roc Nation Sports Juan “OG” Perez.

Jay and a group of friends spent close to $20,000 USD ($25,000) on drinks and dinner at Manhattan venues before heading to the club Playroom.

The group of six reportedly then ordered 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne which is actually owned by Jay. We’d be asking for a discount if we were in that position but it seems he’s not short of coin.

A bartender posted a picture of the receipt on Snapchat which they probably were most definitely not supposed to do. It showed that they racked up $91,000 USD ($114,000) and then hit the club with an $11,000 USD ($13,000) tip.

That is an exceptional effort. Although, before you go out and try to match him this weekend we might remind you that his net worth is over $600 million USD, according to Forbes.

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