Jay-Z Withdraws Support For ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Jay-Z has turned on the Occupy Wall Street group – less than a year after he started wearing and selling T-shirts supporting the group.

In a new interview with the New York Times, the rapper has questioned the group’s actions – saying they lack direction.

“What are you fighting for? I don’t know what the fight is about. What do we want? Do you know?”

The Guardian reports that Jay-Z was briefly associated with the movement back in November, with the New York-born star wearing a T-shirt that read “Occupy All Streets”, which his company, Rocawear, started selling online.

While Rocawear never specified where proceeds from the shirt sales were going, it is alleged they were considering a donation to the Occupy movement.

“Occupy All Streets is our way of reminding people that there is change to be made everywhere, not just on Wall Street,” Rocawear said.

Jay-Z told NY Times reporter Zadie Smith that it was wrong to fight against entrepreneurs.

“Yeah, the one per cent that’s robbing people, and deceiving people, these fixed mortgages and all these things, and then taking their home away from them, that’s criminal, that’s bad,” he told Zadie Smith in the Times.

“(But it’s) not (bad) being an entrepreneur. This is free enterprise. This is what America is built on.”

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