Jimmy Barnes’ Daughter Mahalia Calls Out Qantas Over Damaged Gear

Mahalia Barnes, the daughter of Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes, has criticised Qantas after a bunch of her band’s gear was damaged on a flight from Sydney to Auckland.

Taking to Instagram to vent her frustrations, Ms Barnes says, “Hey Qantas, this is pretty terrible handling of ‘fragile’ baggage.

“This case was in perfect condition when it was checked in at Sydney international — arrived in Auckland looking like this. Dragged along the tarmac is my guess.

“Baggage handlers and airlines or somebody needs to be held accountable for this sort of thing. It’s unacceptable.

“We need to work together to find some sort of solution, this happens far too often to musicians around Australia.

“It must’ve been dragged a long way to fray, wear and tear that badly! Thankfully the case saved the guitars!”

Jimmy Barnes even commented on his daughter’s post, saying, “Shocking.”

Music Feeds has contacted Qantas for comment, and the airline says it is looking into the situation.

“We’ve spoken to the person in the band and apologised,” a spokesperson says. “We’re looking into what we’re able to offer the customer.”

Meanwhile, Ms Barnes’ bandmate Benjamin Rogers has taken to Twitter to share photos of his damaged instrument cases.

Rogers tells Music Feeds that Qantas “have been pretty helpful” in fixing the situation so far.

This isn’t the first time Qantas has made headlines for receiving criticism from musicians. The company’s subsidiary airline Jetstar was called out by a bunch of musicians earlier this year over a new baggage fee, and last year singer-songwriter Tash Sultana slammed Jetstar for losing “thousands” of dollars worth of her equipment.

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