Jimmy Barnes Has Unveiled The ‘Screaming Alarm Clock’ We Never Knew We Needed

You can now wake up to the sound of the internet’s hottest new meme with Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes‘ iconic scream being turned into an alarm clock.

Yes, why be soothed steadily awake by your smart phone’s gently undulating crescendo when you can be startled into immediate consciousness by the Working Class Man’s blood-curdling wail?

The innovative new piece of official Barnesy merch arrives after the Cold Chisel legend gained newfound global notoriety for his ball-tearing shriek as the cowboy “ghost of Ol’ Jimmy Barnes” in Kirin J Callinan‘s fresh tune ‘Big Enough’, which has since flooded the internet with a legion of dank video memes and followed in the footsteps of bangers from such homegrown musical heavyweights Ur Boi Bangs to earn a diss from Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

“Of course now I’m receiving memes with me screaming,” Barnesy recently told Double J of his unexpected memification.

And now the memes have officially crossed over to RL, being rendered as a piece of limited edition merch thanks to this new retro style alarm clock, which is available in both a blue & black colour scheme for the price of $45.

“Wake up with Jimmy Barnes…” the item description on Barnesy’s official merch store reads “…With this Retro Style novelty alarm clock featuring a selection of Jimmy Barnes’ iconic warm up ‘screams’.”

Yep. Dad’s Chrissy present = sorted.

Check out the rip-snorter video of the ‘Screaming Jimmy Barnes Alarm Clock’ in action below, or else catch the legend himself when he hits the road on his 2018 Working Class Man songs & stories tour next year.

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