Jimmy Eat World Are Eyeing Off A New Australian Tour

It shouldn’t be too long before we see Jimmy Eat World punching out their amazing alt-rock tunes live on our shores once again.

It’s been a respectable two years since the greatest non-emo emo band of all time last toured Australia, and with a brand new album on the way, frontman Jim Adkins tells Music Feeds he hopes to be bringing the band to Australia again “soon”.

“I want it to be sooner than later,” he says. “It has been too long, I love playing there, some of my favourite shows ever were in Australia and I miss it.”

And have a guess at what his favourite Aussie city is?

“Usually Sydney for some reason is one of the last stops on an entire tour of ours and so we just play everything that we can. It’s like, ‘Alright! We’ve been going for two and a half hours, what are we adding?’

“There’s cities in the world and places that are just so over the top exciting like Tokyo or New York, and while that’s awesome, it’s exhausting,” he says.

“And I don’t know if I’d be all that happy a person if I had to live there. But for some reason, everywhere in Australia has like this weird kind of energy to it that’s just… nice. And I dunno what it is, I mean, I think the culture just operates at such a lower volume in Australia than anywhere in America, and it’s just really nice to breathe that in for a while.”

Well we’re pretty sure there wouldn’t be much of a protest if he decided to move here.

ICYMI: Jimmy Eat World have been tearing off new tunes from their forthcoming ninth nugget of alt-rock, Integrity Blues, with two very different tracks reaching our ears thus far.

There’s the heavy, angsty Get Right and the more chilled, uplifting Sure And Certain. Get your ears on them both below, and stay tuned for Music Feeds‘ full interview with Jim Adkins, coming soon.

Watch: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Sure And Certain’

Watch: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Get Right’

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