Jimmy Fallon & Seth MacFarlane Form Duo, Sing Ridiculous ‘Yahoo Answers’ Posts

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane have formed a musical duo called The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers, and they just played their first show by singing some of the more ridiculous posts from the tonnes-of-fun Yahoo Answers service.

Turning their attention to some apparently legit (and very stupid) posts from the Yahoo Answers, Fallon and MacFarlane take aim at the big questions — like “Can a veterinarian tell how many lives a cat has left?” — while showing off their talents in the world of smooth jazz piano. Catch footage of the moment, below.

Here are a few important, recent and 100% real Yahoo Answers posts that the pair don’t get around to addressing, though:

A recent Tonight Show episode also saw Fallon team up with The Roots and Adele, to perform the singer’s hit song Hello using only children’s instruments, for some reason.

Watch The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers make their surprise debut, below.

Watch: Jimmy Fallon & Seth MacFarlane Sing Ridiculous ‘Yahoo Answers’ Posts

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