Jimmy Kimmel Makes Hipsters Look (Even More) Stupid On Camera

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has continued on with his ruthless hipster bashing, this time targeting ticketholders on their way in to Rock The Bells festival in the US. Kimmel has once again proved that most hipsters don’t know ANYTHING, and will stoop to serious levels of foolishness to prove the opposite.

The festival, which skews towards the hip hop side of things, boasted acts including Wu-Tang Clan, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli, Tyler, The Creator and Common, resulting in a mix of old school and new school hip hop fans, as well as people who have no idea about either of them. The below vid concerns itself with the latter.

Not performing at the festival – or any festival ever, for that matter – is Walter White ft. Meth, Voldemore or DJ Misogynist, though according to many of the punters interviewed, those are the acts they’re looking forward to the most.

Kimmel’s crew throw some outrageous made-up artist names to fans some could potentially be real but some – looking at you Big Jizz and Little Jizz – are clearly not. Many punters have apparently had non-fictional life-changing experiences listening to these entirely fictional artists – see the long-time fan of WD40.

To be fair, the video only shows 10 or so people interviewed meaning that the other 100 clearly knew something was up. But still, the message is still there – hipsters are total kooks.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel busts hipsters at Rock The Bells 2013

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