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John Mayer, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari & Dave Chappelle Walk Into A Bar, Three Hour Jam Ensues

What happens when three comedians and one John Mayer walk into a bar? Three hours worth of jokes and jamming ensue, that’s what.

Fans at New York’s beloved Comedy Cellar got the surprise of their lives this weekend, when the iconic folk rock guitar-slinger was joined by legendary LOLmerchants Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle for the impromptu set.

As one fan quipped on Instagram: “Who is going to give this crew a 2 minute light?”

Indeed, according to another audience member who posted on Instagram, the all-star quartet riffed on for close to the duration of the movie Titanic:

“Last night might have been the most ridiculous evening I’ve ever had. Just wanted to hear a few jokes so I ended up at the Comedy Cellar. Little did I know that I was talking to a guy about Dave Chappelle and cracking my own jokes and not only did I get to meet Dave but watched him get on stage and perform with Aziz, Chris Rock, and John Mayer for 3 HOURS!!!

“All on stage together at the same time just talking shit, cracking jokes on each other, playing music, and singing songs like they are chillin at home in the basement. It was so surreal.”

As for how the group came together, Chappelle apparently explained while on stage (via Page Six) that, “Cool shit just happens when I’m around.”

Sadly, the only video footage of the incred-amazing four-way collab that seems to have emerged online so far seems to be a short snippet of the dudes drunkenly belting out Bon Jovi’s classic Dead Or Alive, but we’ll update this article with any new footage as it turns up.

Check out that clip – plus plenty of fan shots and anecdotes from the show – below.

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