John Stamos & A Chimp Hit Up A Strip Club For The Offspring’s ‘We Never Have Sex Anymore’ Video

It’s been just under a month since The Offspring shared their tenth studio album Let The Bad Times Roll. Now, they’ve shared the music video for ‘We Never Have Sex Anymore’.

The music video features two chimpanzees in a sexless marriage. One chimpanzee, naturally, hits up his mate John Stamos and visits their local strip club, Cheetahs.

The chimp enjoys his evening so much he even has a turn on the pole.

You can catch the animalistic video in full down below.

Let The Band Times Roll was released Friday, 16th April. It debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts and was the band’s first full-length release in nearly a decade.

Music Feeds was lucky to have a chat with The Offspring’s Dexter and Noodles ahead of the album’s release.

We talked anti-vaxxers, the ’90s punk explosion, and the new album in the interview.

Catch the ‘We Never Have Sex Anymore’ video below.

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