Josh Homme: “I’m Gonna Jump Right Back Into The New Eagles Of Death Metal Album”

Following confirmation that the band has begun recording sessions, Queens of the Stone Age frontman and drummer for garage outfit Eagles of Death Metal, Josh Homme, says that his next priority now that QOTSA’s tour of New Zealand has concluded, is to finish the next EODM album.

While in the country to play a string of co-headline dates with veterans Nine Inch Nails, Homme spoke to New Zealand’s 3 News about the next Eagles of Death Metal LP, which he told theMusic back in January is already part done, and revealed when fans can expect another Desert Sessions.

Jesse [Hughes, EODM frontman] is extremely contagious in a wonderful way. Ideally, everyone catches it, you know what I mean?” said Homme, adding, “I intend to go home and jump right back in. It’s been tough, and I feel like responsible for it not being done, because I am here! I hate being at the epicentre of what something isn’t happening. So I am going to go home and jump into that.”

Homme said that EODM recording was the major roadblock in the way of another Desert Sessions LP, saying, “I was going to do a Desert Sessions this year but we did some Eagles recording instead… Because Desert Sessions works best at a certain time of the year when everything slows.”

“At the end of the year, in that December-January timeframe, everyone has exhaled. And post-exhale is the time to do something like that. So if I miss that window… I miss that window,” he explained. There is currently no estimated release date on a new Eagles of Death Metal album.

Music Feeds caught up with Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes at Soundwave 2014 in Sydney (see below), who told us, “We just recorded a new record. I’ve again stolen a bunch of songs from the greatest rock bands in the world so technically this will be the greatest rock album ever made and maybe hip-hop album, I don’t know. I’m gonna sleep when I die, so till then it’s kill and rock and rape and roll.”

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