Judge Rules Aerosmith Don’t Have To Play With Drummer Joey Kramer At Grammys This Weekend

The Aerosmith/Joey Kramer saga has continued today, with a judge ruling that the band have no obligation to let lifelong drummer Joey Kramer take part in the band’s Grammy Awards performances this weekend, according to TMZ.

As you may recall, last year Kramer sustained minor injuries that put him on the bench as far as Aerosmith’s live shows were concerned. When he felt ready to rejoin the band, he was apparently forced to re-audition to a click track to show he was capable of playing at appropriate level. After the process was complete, the band agreed he wasn’t up to scratch, and declined to let him rejoin just yet.

In response, Kramer filed a lawsuit against his bandmates, asking a judge to allow him to rejoin the band, in particular ahead of their planned Grammy performances this weekend.

According to TMZ, the judge has now sided with Aerosmith on the basis that Kramer hasn’t played with the band in six months, along with the limited rehearsal time available before the upcoming live performances.

“Kramer has not shown a realistic alternative course of action sufficient to protect the band’s business interests,” the judge commented.

In the court ruling, the judge acknowledged that Aerosmith have expressed a willingness for Kramer to return to the band in a few months’ time provided adequate time to collectively rehearse.

Kramer has responded to the lawsuit with a statement to Rolling Stone today.

“Although I’m extremely disappointed by the Judge’s ruling today, I respect it. I knew filing a lawsuit was a bit of an uphill battle considering that the corporate documents don’t reference any process for a band member returning from an injury or illness,” Kramer commented.

“However, the band waited until January 15th to tell me that they weren’t letting me play at the awards ceremonies this week. I can hold my head high knowing that I did the right thing — to fight for my right to celebrate the band’s success that I have dedicated the better part of my life to helping build.”

Kramer also told the magazine that since his injury last August, the band has not offered to practice with him, and that he was physically blocked at the doors from entering a rehearsal session.

“I was sent the full rehearsal schedule on January 18th and flew to LA the next day to rehearse and have many texts and emails stating the band can’t wait for my return. When I showed up to rehearse, I was greeted by two security guards who prohibited me from entering.”

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