The Jungle Giants “Kind Of Accidentally” Started Recording A New Album

Having wrapped of their 2016 national tour in July, Brisbane indie-rockers The Jungle Giants have been chilling out a bit recently, with the band’s drummer Keelan Bijker concentrating on his own café side project.

There’s been no time off though for frontman and principle songwriter Sam Hales, who had been writing music pretty much non-stop; and yesterday the band revealed via Instagram that they’d started recording a third album earlier than we could’ve expected.

Hales himself has been writing songs, “5 days a week, 9-5,” he told triple j, and now the band have got, “30 songs in the kitty.

“I wake up at 7.30am, go to the cafe near my house, then I go to this room and I don’t leave ’til 5pm. I used to think a good day of writing was three hours… but after a couple of months I just got used to writing for 8 hours” he said.

There was no solid plan to start making the new album so early, Hales revealed.

“[We’ve] just started record number three – yeah, it’s kind of accidentally happened.”

“For like a year now, I’ve just been smashing out all these new tunes and then this studio, it’s pretty new … they’ve just opened up and they were keen to get us in to try it,” said Hales. “So we just went in …and it’s just been perfect and so over the weekend we were just like ‘let’s start the record now’.”

Hales also spoke about how his process has developed since he and the band recorded their first album, and now he pretty much has everything written and ready to record when the band come in for sessions. He’s also producing the record himself.

“Because underground, no one can hear me, it’s so soundproof that I’m just doing all my vocal takes, live drums, guitars, bass, everything down there and by the time the guys come in they’re hearing a really finished product: production’s realised; smashed through all the lyrics, song titles – everything – they’re just done. It’s been f**king awesome.”

Their last album Speakerzoid was released in August last year meaning it’s been just over a year since its release. There’s no release date for the third record yet but let’s hope we’re not waiting too much longer.

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