Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank Would Have Been A “Belieber”

Many words have been used to describe the recent antics of pop diva Justin Bieber but it’s difficult to pinpoint which one best sums up his recent achievement. After visiting the historic residence of holocaust victim Anne Frank, Bieber has left a bad taste in a lot of mouths by writing in the guest book that he hoped Frank would have been a Belieber.

Despite finding the experience “truly inspiring”, Bieber has illustrated just how deluded he has become. “Hopefully she would have been a Belieber,” he concludes in his guestbook entry, suggesting that if Frank was still alive she would just be another one of those screaming girls in the crowd worshipping the tween sensation.

A symbol of strength and hope against a tyrannical oppression, Anne Frank rose to the level of cultural icon after documenting her day-to-day life in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands during WWII but, according to Bieber, Frank is simply a “great girl”.

Those who operate the historic tours didn’t seem to bothered by the comments, but they’re probably the only ones out there in internet land who haven’t been offended by this in one way or another. Scrolling through the thousands of comments left on the official Facebook, we’re yet to see one that’s positive.

The Guardian says Biebs is attempting to to lay low from the press after his total cluster fuck of a European tour but, man, he just makes it so easy for us.

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