Justin Bieber Runs Out Of Time To Claim Seized Monkey

Today, in Bieber Watch: Justin Bieber had until 8:00am AEST this morning to claim his seized pet monkey Mally back from customs before the chimp became property of Germany.

If you’re not up to speed on the ape caper, Biebs tried to bring his pet Capuchin monkey into Munich on his Believe world tour back in March, but the animal was confiscated and put into quarantine because the singer didn’t provide the correct paperwork, including health checks and other forms of authorisation. It’s unclear whether or not J.Bibble got the documents in in time but if not, Mally will be sent to live in a zoo or animal park in Germany, with customs spokesman Thomas Meister telling The Associated Press, “If no further documents arrive then the seizure order comes into effect and the animal becomes the property of the German state.”

Regardless of whether the teen dream wants his companion back or not, he’ll have to pay the Munich animal shelter thousands of euros for the cost of care, food and vet visits. Bieber was slammed by the shelter’s manager Karl Heinz Joachim for buying the now 20-week-old animal in the first place, saying that a Capuchin monkey shouldn’t be taken away from its mother until it’s at least a year old, and even then, the highly-social creatures should be kept in groups. “The best thing would be not to buy one at all, but if you do, buy five,” he said.

Mr Joachim said he’s received emails from Biebs’ mangement indicating he no longer wants to keep Mally. We’ll bring you news on the chimp situation as soon as it happens, but in the meantime, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the trainwreck that is the Believe tour.

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