Justin Bieber The Target Of Alleged Murder And Castration Plot

According to UK’s The Telegraph, police have made arrests following the discovery of a plot to kidnap, castrate and murder Justin Bieber. Though the plan was never carried out, police discovered pruning shears in one of the suspects car, suggesting it got pretty damn close.

It has been alleged that convicted murderer and rapist Dana Martin has developed an obsession with the pop artist, going as far as to get a portrait of the dude tattooed on his leg. It has been said that Martin ordered the hit on Bieber, unable to do the deed himself as he still has just under 1000 years left before he can get out of prison.

It has also been alleged that Martin enlisted the help of former fellow prisoner from Las Cruces prison in New Mexico, Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane, giving the pair firm instructions to “murder and castrate Bieber and his bodyguard” as well as two other people.

As reported by The Telegraph, after hearing phone calls between all three men, including one where Staake informs Martin that the hit didn’t go down, Police confronted Martin, who spilled the beans, resulting in the capture of the other two involved.

I’d imagine a lot of people would get a kick out of inflicting some sort of pain on The Biebs, but c’mon guys, this shit’s just crazy.

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