Justin Bieber’s Choreographers For ‘Sorry’ & ‘Yummy’ Clips Are Hosting A Virtual Workshop

The New Zealand choreographers behind Justin Bieber’s music videos for ‘Sorry’ and ‘Yummy’ are welcoming us all to a special dance workshop. Yup, choreographer, Parris Goebel and her ReQuest Dance Crew will be hosting a virtual dance workshop today (Friday, 22nd May).

Corbyn Taulealea Huch, Ling Zhang, and Kirsten Dogden from the ReQuest Dance Crew will be leading the workshop. The dance masterclass itself comes as part of Nike’s You Can’t Stop Us campaign — which is all about giving us the tools we need to keep active and maintain our physical and mental health.

Corbyn Taulealea Huch says, “The ReQuest Crew and I want to empower girls and women to move, and to feel confident about themselves when they do it!”

“We want to show how dance is a fantastic outlet for movement and self-expression. During this difficult time, virtual experiences like this can also help us stay connected and positive. This class is such a great opportunity for us to bring people together and create a community to uplift and support one another.”

The dance legends are promising a bunch of fun and assure us it’s not, “about getting every step right.”

“It’s about taking that time to let go, move and enjoy yourself.”

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