Kanye Attempts To Banish His Man Skirt From The Internet

You could have commended Kanye West for venturing into the barely charted world of man skirts. Hell, I’d take my hat off to any man who genuinely thought they could pull it off, but it seems his heart may have not been in it after all. In a very un-Kanye-esque move, Yeeze has given in to taunts from his peers, lifted his skirts and requested the interwebs immediately forget it ever happened.

The first step was contacting global photo database Getty Images and insisting they remove every photo of him rocking his leather kilt worn at the Hurricane Sandy Relief gig not too long ago. What’s strange is that he seems pretty happy with other man skirt images remaining public – there was just something about the leather one that required it be taken down straightaway.

The Sun have pointed out that this could be in response to a cheeky jab from rival rapper Lord Jamar, who included these lyrics in one of his songs:

“He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene/Then he wore a fucking skirt on the video screen/Then he wore it again at a memorial/I can’t pretend this shit ain’t deplorable”

Nasty. Cam’ron also had a dig, and Chris Brown even ripped on it, announcing via his Instagram, “That sh!t suspect!!!! Can’t get with that swag! Niggas gone be wearing heels next.” Though you’d think that would be more reason to keep wearing them. Lame-ass Breezy. Jay-Z didn’t seem too bothered by the concept, though, as Kanye maintained the look throughout the Watch The Throne tour.

Let’s now spare a moment of silence for Kimye’s unborn child, who will no doubt be directly affected by his father’s dodgy fashion sense, a la that time he dressed like a yeti.

Srsly, WTF? Albums, bro, not fashion. Albums.

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