Kanye Is Inflicting His New Album On Unsuspecting Parisians

After recently departing from our shores, Kanye West‘s first order of business was to get back to tending to his latest album, a follow-up to last year’s controversial Yeezus. According to Theophilus London, West’s new album is not only finished, but has already been heard by some 20 Paris-based fashionistas.

According to a recent Instagram post from London, the Trinidadian-born rapper was in attendance at a Paris Fashion Week party, during which West reportedly played his new album three times “in a dark room of 20 people”. According to London, the evening also involved “moshing drunk with mad babes”.

We can picture it now – a darkened nook in some trendy Parisian loft filled with revellers donning Clockwork Orange-esque headgear, while West shushes anyone that dare speak as he sets the album to play a third time. Kanye is every dreadlocked sophomore with an acoustic guitar at a party. Except he’s also the biggest rapper on the planet.

Of course it’s unlikely the album will be as seemingly torturous as the circumstances under which it was first aired. At the moment, the only indication that fans have of what the final album will sound like is a short, bootlegged clip of what is presumably the album’s first single.

London later took to Twitter to divulge more details on West’s seventh album. The rapper confirmed he will make an appearance on the record, even featuring on the first single. After a follower claimed that he too had heard West’s new album in London, the rapper insisted, “It’s changed a million time since then.”

The secret listening party could mean that the highly anticipated release of West’s new album is imminent. As Rolling Stone reported at the time, West held a listening party for Yeezus a week before its scheduled release. However, it’s important to note that the party was held after a release date was confirmed.

West spoke about the new album during an interview with GQ back in July. According to the divisive rapper, the album will be unveiled “most likely in September”. West claimed that he originally set out to make a mellower album, but was forced to change direction after completing the album’s first single.

Photos: Kanye West – Sydney, Qantas Credit Union Arena 12/09/14

Photos by Ashley Mar

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