Kanye Rapped His Entire New Album For Seth Rogen In The Back Of A Van

Fans across the globe have been waiting eagerly to get their ears onto Kanye West‘s follow-up album to last year’s hugely successful Yeezus and it turns out at least one major fan, Seth Rogen, has already heard the record, as performed for him by Yeezus himself.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rogen, who famously paid homage to the rapper when he and James Franco parodied his and Kim Kardashian’s Bound 2 video, explains how he and his wife bumped into West in a New York hotel lobby and were quickly whisked away into his limo/van for a private listening session of the new record.

“Me and my wife had gotten some dessert and were in the lobby getting plates to bring back to our room,” recounts Rogen, “And Kanye was like, ‘What are you guys doing? Want to hear my new album?’ So he takes us to this limo van and starts playing his album – except there’s no lyrics only beats. So he raps the whole album and after each song, he stops it, like, ‘So what do you think?’ We were in the van for 2 hours!”

Earlier this year it was reported that Kanye West was inflicting his new album onto unsuspecting Parisians whilst in town for Paris fashion week. West reportedly played his new album three times “in a dark room of 20 people”.

Other than the insight provided by those fashionistas, plus rapper and contributor Theophilus London and, now, Seth Rogen, the only indication fans have of what the new album will sound like is a short, bootlegged clip of Allday, presumably the album’s first single.

Still. Rogen insists it wasn’t his close friendship with West that sparked the impromptu listening party, but rather his good timing, adding that he’s taken away some life lessons from the experience.

“Now I realise the next person he sees that he knows is getting pulled into that van,” Rogen says. “But I learned a lesson from it – which is that Kanye is seeking input at all times. Process-wise, it showed an openness and a fearlessness. We started screening our movies more and in rougher versions for our friends because of that.”

Photos: Kanye West – Sydney, Qantas Credit Union Arena 12/09/14. Photos by Ashley Mar

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