Kanye West Announces Weird AF ‘Only One’ Video Game About His Mum’s Journey To Heaven

Kanye West has used the premiere of his new album The Life Of Pablo and Yeezy Season 3 fashion line to preview a strange new video game he’s been working on which revolves around his song Only One.

Speaking to fans at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and the huge number of others streaming the Yeezy launch online, Kanye explained the idea behind the game, saying, “The concept of the game is my mum travelling through the gates of heaven.” And he’s not joking.

After explaining what the Only One game is about, Kanye showed off a brief video preview of it, twice, before asking the crowd why they were acting “like this isn’t hard to do”.

The Only One game, which judging by the footage and screenshots (below) looks like it could be a mobile game, is said to be “coming soon”.

‘Only One’ Game Previews


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only one game screenshot 2

only one game screenshot 3

only one game screenshot 4

only one game screenshot 5

only one game screenshot 6

only one game screenshot 7

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