Kanye West To Go “Mad Max” With Three Albums Per Year, Reveals His Fave Song Of 2015

Kanye West and Twitter haven’t been the best of friends recently, especially following his well-publicised feud with producer Deadmau5, but like all good relationships he seems willing to forgive and give it another go.

Kanye had a big weekend just gone by, dropping Twitter bombshells right and left, including the huge revelation that he has finally discovered his single greatest quality.

Arguably of more significance though, was an earlier tweet that Kanye will no longer be abiding by the fashion calendar, but will instead be going ‘Mad Max’ and releasing six collections and three music albums every year from henceforth onwards.

Whether he follows up on this will be another question, as Yeezy still doesn’t appear happy with already-released record The Life Of Pablo, with the Tidal streaming version of the album being recently updated, again.

Kanye fans are hanging out for a potential second album for 2016 with the working title Turbo Grafx 16, so it remains to be seen whether he will be able to churn out three in a single calendar year.

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, Kanye also revealed that he is a true Belieber, and that like many many others, thought ‘What Do You Mean’ was the best song released in 2015.

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