Kanye West Hater Slams Lily Allen For Torching Her “Fuck Off Kanye” Flag At Glastonbury

The owner of a “Fuck off Kanye” flag that Lily Allen pinched and then subsequently sacrificed to the Lord Of Light at Glastonbury this year has lambasted the popstar for her actions.

The singer, who attended the festival as a punter not a performer, initially uploaded a series of Instagram videos showing her stealing and then torching a fellow festivalgoer’s anti-Yeezus banner, claiming she did it to “keep the #peezus”.


But the woman she proverbially burned with the stunt has since spoken out, calling for Theon’s sis to “get off her high horse” and “stop nicking things”.

Speaking with NME, the flag-waver, known as ‘Aoibheann’, said she and her friends were “gutted” to discover that their banner had been stolen, explaining that it made finding their tent far more difficult late at night.

“It gave us a fright too because we didn’t know if they had robbed anything else so we searched our tents but it was all good,” she added.

Aoibheann argued that she had been well within her rights to voice her distaste for the self-proclaimed greatest living rockstar on the planet through the fine art of banner-making, and that Allen was clearly the one in the wrong.

“I thought it was hilarious until I saw that she’d burned it and gotten all self righteous about it,” she said. “I don’t care who you are, you have no right to steal my stuff and vandalise it. Get off your high horse and stop nicking things.”

Explaining why she’d made the flag in the first place, Aoibheann said it was purely for shits n giggles. “We had no intention of taking it to his gig or of even going to his gig. We, along with many others, didn’t feel he represented what Glastonbury is about. And if I want to make a flag saying “fuck off kanye” then I have every right to.

“Glastonbury is all about peace, love, good vibes and positivity. The guy [West] is an egotistical narcissistic and self deluded idiot who’s still basking in the light of his one good album. His stand out attribute is his commercialism and self promotion which completely contradicts the socialist ethos of Glastonbury festival,” she reasoned. “So I reckoned he could just fuck off.”

Kanye himself has copped a fair bit of flack for his Glasto performance, including posthumously lols from Freddie Mercury, for basically doing exactly what Lily Allen did to that flag to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Check out the videos of Allen documenting her crime, below.

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