Kanye West Loses His Shit On Twitter

Kanye West has completely lost his shit on his Twitter account. Over the past hour, Kanye has been tweeting non-stop about everything from the name of his new fashion line and how he perceives the image to how he was in discussion about becoming creative director of the new Jetsons movie.

To be completely honest, the tweets look like Kanye is on some form of heavy narcotic and has just taken to Twitter to have an open discussion with anyone about anything.

Yeezy keeps dropping hints and snippets of information about a new company that he has set up, which he has titled DONDA. He states on his Twitter account the following;

@ Kanye West

I am assembling a team of architects, graphic designers, directors musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicist, social media experts…

West continues to state how Dr. Dre. Redesigned headphones and made a huge impact off one product, rather than a small impact off small products.

However, this does not look like a hack, as it does not promote anything aside from Kanye approved companies/organisations unlike the recent Odd Future hack. So could we possibly be seeing a radical change in Mr. West as he proceeds to take over the artistic world, and what does this mean for his new Big Day Out stage show? Can we expect something so radically artistic that it will blow our mind?

This artistc company, DONDA, will apparently consist of 22 divisions “with a goal and experiences that people want and can afford” made up of minds that are allegedly “waaaaay doper” than Kanye himself.

Kanye West will tour the Big Day Out later this month.

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