Kanye West Names His Next Album, Praises Will Ferrell In Latest Twitter Session

The Life Of Pablo has only been in the wild for a few weeks, but Kanye West reckons he already has a title for his next full-length release, which he revealed today in a strange run of tweets while also praising actor and comedian Will Ferrell, who he says has reached “walking living breathing god status”.

Earlier this week, Yeezy got fans all excited by announcing that the follow-up to The Life Of Pablo is set to drop in the American summer:

Today, Kanye has revealed the album’s current title (which could be changed between zero and 6,000 times before it’s actually released) is Turbo Grafx 16, which is an ’80s video game console that Kanye says was one of his favourites as a kid. Here’s how the man himself explains the title:

After getting his “super nerd vibes” out of the way, Yeezy segued into an in-depth discussion of his second viewing of Zoolander 2, including the work of Will Ferrell, who plays evil fashion dictator Jacobim Mugatu in both the original and sequel Zoolander films…

mugatu gif zoolander 1 latte

Yeah, that guy.

Here’s Kanye singing Ferrell’s praises:

This is when things started to get really heartfelt, with Kanye calling Ferrell “the one”, and personally thanking him for the “years of joy” his work has given him and the rest of the world.

Ferrell is yet to publicly comment on Yeezy’s praises, but he’s had his talents held in high esteem for years now.

ron burgundy i'm kind of a big deal gif

Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo went through a list of working titles, including the publicly-known ones So Help Me God, SWISH and Waves, before landing its final inscription. The album has been released on streaming service Tidal, and is supposedly going to remain a Tidal exclusive for the rest of time. At least, it is according to Kanye, and he never changes his mind.

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