Kanye West Themed Classroom Shut Down By School Administrator

A Californian fourth-grade teacher is in the bad books with school administrators after his efforts to decorate a classroom with Kanye West artefacts caused a complaint-storm from angry parents.

The teach, one Adrain Perez, who instructs at Mendota’s McCabe Elementary School, dreamed of becoming “the Kanye West of teaching”, and began an attempt to make that dream a reality through interior decoration.


Speaking with Team Kanye Daily Perez described how he used various elements from Yeezy’s album art to achieve the transformation:

“I painted my room red in honor of MBDTF album. He wore all red outfits during that time period as you know and also because of the Red October shoes. I used the Kanye West mascot bear as part of my decor. I used several songs and lyrics to categorize my classroom into different sections… I felt my idea was innovative. I am sure no other elementary school teacher out there has a Kanye West themed classroom. I like to think outside of the box and I did and this is the result. I am not one to look at Pinterest and copy ideas. I am proud that I was able to create a one of a kind classroom. Kanye has inspired me, and the result is my classroom.”

However wonderful Perez’s intentions were, they were no match for the might of parent outrage and THE MAN.

School administrators were quick to shut down Perez’s Ye-themed classroom and promptly earn themselves an F in basic thuganomics.

Who’d have thunk that that the great philosopher who gave us lyrics such as “put the pussy in a sarcophagus, now i bruised her oesophagus,” would be seen as an unsuitable teaching aid for 9 year olds? References to ancient Egypt aside.

But the joke’s on the PTA. Once Yeezy is elected as President of the United States, there will be Kanye-based curriculum FOR ALL.

Watch: Kanye West – Power

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