Kanye West To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live

In what might see the end of one of hip-hop’s most recent and heated feuds, rapper/producer Kanye West is set to appear on rival Jimmy Kimmel‘s late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. The feud between the two stars began after Kimmel mocked a BBC interview with West.

Last month, BBC’s Zane Lowe conducted an interview with the famously egotistical rapper, during which he made remarks about his own influence and prowess that quickly entered the pop culture zeitgeist, with many suggesting West had turned into the South Park parody of himself.

Kimmel and his writing team quickly jumped onto the interview, shooting and airing a sketch in which they switched both Lowe and West with child actors and had them recite the interview’s dialogue verbatim. Kimmel himself described the skit as an “innocuous” spoof and thought nothing of it.

West however took exception to the perceived slight and launched a barrage of personal attacks at the host via his Twitter account. Kimmel responded by once again letting the absurdity of the situation speak for itself, reading out the tweets on air.

Now Kimmel has taken to his show’s official Facebook page to issue a personal dispatch, stating:

“FROM JIMMY – TOMORROW NIGHT, MY GUEST WILL BE KANYE WEST (for real, yes and was it all a setup, no)”

Kimmel has a history of devising fake feuds for comedic effect — most famously a year-long beef with actor Matt Damon — so insisted that the beef between West and himself was genuine.

(Via ContactMusic)

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