Kanye West Turns To Twitter To Rant About Use Of Swear Words

Something has clearly been on Yeeze’s mind of late. Recently through his official Twitter account, the hip hop tycoon has posed a thought-provoking question to fans: is it acceptable to use certain words in this day and age? It feels weird and wrong to say this, but Ye had some insightful things to say.

The words in particular are ‘bitch’ and ‘nigga’. Kanye admits to monitoring the use of swear words in his tunes, preferring to use them ‘as a tool rather than a clutch’, which will often result in words being omitted from the final product. Yeeze goes as far as to suggest that we ‘legalise profanities’… I won’t even touch that one.

The overall jist of the rant revolves around whether it’s what you say, or how you say it that draws meaning from words, which is a fairly valid point though looking through my West collection on iTunes, you’d struggle to find a tune where he doesn’t say something with the intent of being offensive. I don’t know, maybe

I’m just missing ‘how’ he says these things.

You can check out the mass of tweets below, which ended in West linking followers to the latest video effort from genre buddy Lupe Fiasco for his track Bitch Bad, so not 100% sure if it was all a massive build-up to plug the clip and Kanye is a massive douche, which well, wouldn’t be the biggest shock of the day, but maybe, just maybe, the dude has something more to say?

Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad from Gil Green on Vimeo.

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