Kanye West’s New ‘Bound 2’ Video Is So Bad It’s Great

We’re gonna give you a little heads up before you watch the new NSFW Kanye West video for Bound 2 – this shit is so bad it’s good. It’s the kind of bad-good you normally only find in a Cosby sweater with a DARE badge pinned to it. Or, if you look hard enough, Kim Kardashian‘s boobies on a motorcycle. Which happen to make an appearance here.

The latest single for Yeezy was directed by Nick Knight and it stars the biggest rapper in the world perched atop his motorcycle, wearing a tye-dyed shirt and zooming past some very picturesque green screen mountains. It’s not long before he’s joined by fiancee and baby mama, Kimmy K, who naturally straddles the bike and bounces along topless in the arms of her man. Then there’s what looks like some dubious simulated sex.

It’s all so awful that surely K. Widdles is on the joke…right? Perhaps, perhaps not. Interestingly, it’s been uploaded to Kim’s YouTube page rather than Kanye’s. Bound 2 is totally unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Go forth and frollick in the endless narcissism of the celebrity duo if you dare.

Watch: Kanye West – Bound 2

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